SONY DSC Water Purification

Location Water Systems, LLC provides filtered water from on-site water sources at oil and gas drilling locations. Water purification units consist of a self-contained purification unit combined with a 2500 gallon water holding tank that can be transported and rigged for water purification operations in a few hours. Our self-contained water purification units treat water through filtering, disinfecting, and conditioning the water to provide quality unmetered water on location for use in living quarters and all personnel on location. Water is conditioned through multiple filters and chlorination at point of use and on demand. Point of use filtration and chlorination provides significantly increased water quality over stored stagnate water. Quality filtered water at point of use also reduces odors from water by eliminating bacteria, algae, sulfur and manganate and also eliminates common problems with odor emanating from hot water heaters.

Safety and health benefits from utilizing our water systems include but are not limited to, bacteria free water which reduces infections, skin problems and staff infections. Additionally, reduced vehicle and personnel traffic on rig location increases safety and reduces chance for accident or injury.

Water purification units have a flat-rate or fixed cost of operation. Water usage or volume is not a factor. Utilizing on site water sources can provide significant savings and cost avoidance. Units are designed for reliability, professionally installed and maintained.

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