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Waste Water

Location Water Systems, LLC provides environmentally safe portable aerobic septic systems (EPA certified) equipped with flushable port-a-johns. A single portable unit can be transported and rigged for operations in a matter of hours. Units provide unmetered flat rate cost on site waste water treatment without the requirement for hauling or transport of waste water significantly reducing operator cost. Units are field tested and highly effective at removing pathogens, suspended solids, contaminates and impurities. Sewer odor on location is significantly reduced through aerobic oxidation process. Treated sewer is chlorinated, meets regulation standards and may be discarded on site when permitted according to regulations and customer requirements. Units are generally serviced twice monthly greatly reducing your waste transportation costs. Systems consist of 500 and 1000 gallons per day sewer tanks.

1) How does Location Water Systems provide waste water treatment without the need for hauling? LWS waste water treatment systems utilizes a tried and effective standard aerobic septic system very similar to home residential systems that are not connected to city sewer systems.

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