Location Water Systems, LLC services has the full capability to condition and purify water from local sources and treat subsequent waste water on exploration locations for all personnel and living quarters. In addition to water and waste water treatment, we also provide ice making machines and storage.

Our water purification units provide a unique solution at a fixed cost for unlimited water usage. Our equipment consists of mobile self contained water purification units coupled with a 2500 gallon water tank. Additional water holding capacity is available by use of an additional 5500 gallon holding water tank. Mobile waste water treatment units provide on-site treatment and disposal of treated and disinfected waste water back according to customer requirements.

Our equipment and mobile units are designed to operate in a harsh work environment in a reliable and predictable manner. Our equipment can be transported, rigged and operating in a few hours by one or two service technicians. Our company personnel has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry. We have also been in the water treatment services for over 20 years and can provide knowledgeable and effective solutions to complex challenges.

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